At Dundas Valley School of Art:

A variety of classes and workshops are offered at DVSA – please see current class descriptions.

At my home studio:

Workshops are held in west Hamilton. In situ samples are presented as we walk through my personal gallery.

These creative sessions are fantastic for the complete beginner to an experienced artist (you do not have to pre-plan a design before attending). Students have an eclectic range of beautiful tactile materials to play with and all tools are supplied. The results are stunning – you will love the shimmer of mosaic, unique compositions and the play of surface materials that draw the viewer in.

Maximum 6 students (minimum of 3).

Contemporary mosaics:  TRIPTYCH PROJECT

This is an exciting mixed media course based on the design principles of Biomimicry and traditional mosaic techniques. (Biomimicry is design inspired by time tested pattern and ideas found in nature.)

3 separate mosaic panels 8 × 8″ each. Together they tell a visual story and they can be hung vertically, horizontally or individually.

5 × 3hr sessions offered days or evenings (15 hrs); $275 + HST.

Side Table

Create a unique colourful mosaic side table for garden or livingroom. Your base is an elegant and strong handcrafted in Hamilton, made of powder-coated steel – designed with my specifications for your mosaic!

Size = 16 × 16 × 16″ (square)

$300 + HST ($150 table + $150 all materials tools + instruction)

Day 1 (e.g. Sat) 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. + Day 2 (e.g. Sun) 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. = (10 hrs)

View of the studio Table mosaic before grouting
Grouting the mosaic Side view of the table

The finished tabletop


I will offer any of the above workshops at a custom time for your group of 4-6.

Other creative mixed media mosaic projects can also be explored – e.g. mirror frames, wall tile.